Golf Course – Lad & Lassies

All Lakewood club members are welcome to join Lads & Lassies.  It is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with fellow members and play a fun-filled round of golf – no matter your skill level.  The twosome teams, being one male and one female, include many married couples but have also been father/daughter teams as well as just friends.  The format of play is a scramble, often with a twist.

During our regular season, from April through August, we tee off every Wednesday at 5:00 pm.  We play a 9-hole scramble at a cost of $5.oo per participant, and then gather for cocktails and dinner.  The cocktails and dinner are optional, but it is a great way to extend the fun and camaraderie started on the course.  And while we want everyone to come as often as possible, there is no commitment.

Make your reservations for the weekly Wednesday golf outing and dinner by calling the Golf Shop at 455-8770, x 104 on the Tuesday before the event.  For additional information, you may reach out to Cliff and Betty Hand, the 2016 Lads & Lassies Coordinators.

June 8 Results:

1st Flight-Tony & Paulette Phillips with Jerry & Mallory TeVrucht (31)

2nd Flight-Mike & Linda Milam with Stan & Jamie McNabb (32)

3rd Flight-Dennis Jennings & Grae Hicks with Jackie & Faye Lipford (34)

June 1 Results:

1st Flight-Steve & Nancy Graham with Noah & Alice Risner (28)

2nd Flight-Dennis Jennings & Grae Hicks with Dick & Abbie Slater (31)

3rd Flight-Bob & Dixie Hickey with Mike & Linda Milam (34)

May 25 Results:


May 18 Results:

1st Flight-Pat Welsh & Bertha Bates with Cliff & Betty Hand (30)

2nd Flight-Sandy & Kitty Shukla with Jon Glass & Sarah Marshall (32)

3rd Flight-Dick & Abbie Slater with Buddy & Rexann Bumpus (35)

May 11 Results:

1st-Sandip & Kitty Shukla with Dennis Jennings & Grae Hicks (31)

2nd-Greg Gates & Bertha Bates with Noah & Alice Risner (33/21)

3rd-Daniel & Stacey Lynch with Dan & Martha Merz (34/22)

April 27 Results:

1st Flight-Jon Glass & Sarah Marshall with Doug & Sarah VanFossen (+19)

2nd Flight-Dick & Abbie Slater with Hank Jordan & Bertha Bates (+15)

3rd Flight-Dennis Jennings & Grae Hicks with Jack & Chickie Phillips (+13)

April 20 Results:

1st-Doug & Sarah VanFossen with Dave & Betty Anderson (30)

2nd-Stan & Jamie McNabb with Mike & Linda Milam (32)

April 14 Results:

1st-Stan & Jamie McNabb with Dan & Martha Merz (31)

2nd-Jack & Chickie Phillips with Dick & Abbie Slater (34)

3rd-Steve & Wanda Cope with Dan & Stacy Lynch (35)